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Our Services

Repairs & Maintenance

Equipment Repair

Pumps-can includes corrosion and mechanical seal failure, noisy bearings, low pressure and burnt out capacitors to name a few. Call or email our office to speak to one of our friendly staff. We can arrange for one of our technicians to call on site.


If you wish to disconnect your pump and bring or courier to our shop in New Lynn we can provide a solution for you.

Salt Pools include all types of makes for chlorination, we have a diverse range available. Our technicians can arrange to test and repair most popular brands. Cell cleaning can be completed by our technicians or you can choose to do this yourself. Call our store, email or use the contact form for any further requirements.


Leak Repairs

Leak repairs would include all types of swimming pools and spa pools. Our technicians can determine all losses of water whether it be pipework, liners and concrete pools. With over 35 years of experience, we can offer the correct solution. Please call or contact us by email to arrange a technician to call onsite.

Pool & Spa Equipment Maintenance

Our store has all the necessary chemicals for everyday use of your spa. These include chlorine sanitation and alternatives for Eco-friendly needs. Pumps and heaters are available to be repaired by our Spa technicians onsite and within the store at New Lynn. We can look after all the brands for your comfort.

Spa Equipment Repairs

We can assist with all brands of spa pools which include portable and spas attached to pools.


We have a range of specialists that can assist with the functioning of your spa.


Please phone or contact us for our spa technician to call on site.

Sand Changes

Signs that your filter media may need replacing


  • Filter requires more frequent back washing or cleaning

  • Filtration system needs to operate for longer periods to maintain water clarity

  • Higher chemical usage

  • Fine debris bypassing the sand bed and recirculating back into the pool

  • Reduced suction during vacuuming

  • Difficulty maintaining water balance


Please contact our store or email so we can advise approximate costs. We will need the literage of your pool and model of your sand filter.  Please contact us with your query, or book for a serviceman to call onsite.


Media Selection


  • Filter Sand

  • Glass Beads and Sand Mix

  • Glass Beads