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Our Services

Pumps, Heating & Filters

Cover & Roller Solutions

Oasis has multiple options for your pool to create the easiest experience of owning a pool. This includes:

- Automated Covers & Roller

- Bubble Covers

- Thermal Blankets

- Mechanical Rollers

All solutions allow you to have the freedom of securing the top of your pool from debris and keeping the heat in and leaves out.

Fill the form below and enquire for cover solutions.


Heating Upgrades & Installs

You may already have a heating system. If not, we can provide a heating system for you, whether it be a thermal cover or heat pump. Options do include gas and solar, we can advise to suit your needs and budget.


Pool heat pumps offer some of the most efficient pool heating available. Heat pumps are eco friendlily and are easy to install especially if mains gas is not readily available.


We can quote for Solar covers-no matter what shape your pool is. We suggest they are supplied with a roller to easily retrieve and cover your pool. (Automated covers are available) Not only is a solar cover one of the most cost effective ways to upgrade your pool, it’s also one of the easiest ways to improve your pool’s heat retention.

For reference, a pool that uses a solar cover experience about 75% less evaporation and heat loss than an uncovered pool. 


Solar Heating

Solar heating is a great alternative for not only your pool but your environment, Its Delivers good performance at a reasonable price. 


So if you're having problems with keeping your pool heated around the year get in contact with one of our team members with the booking form below. 


Pump Upgrades & Installs

Is your pump not achieving the quality of flow in your pool? Is it damp around it? Is it making more noise than before?

It may be time to look into upgrading! We supply only the best of the best pump accessories and pumps. 

Get in contact with one of our staff member with the request form below to start your journey to the next level of pool ownership.


Spa Filter Or Sand Replacements

Filters are the heart of the pool, They allow you to have the top quality swimming conditions, If your filter is getting old it or just not delivering what expected it may be time to replace it. 

We supply top of the line spa filters for all spa brands supplied in New Zealand.

We also only get supplied top of the line swimming pool filter that can have a range of different setups, Personalised for your pool. 

Get in contact below.


Pump & Filter Repair

Oasis Pools only stocks the best equipment made across Australasia, So if you're looking to upgrade your Pump, Chlorination or Heating Units.


We stock some of our most popular models here:

  • Pumps

  • Chlorinators

  • Heaters

  • Sand filters


We can also specialize in various units such as solar, No job is too big or too small we have over 35 years experience and a huge selection of products for you to get your own dream pool.


Fill a form out and we can start with your free consultation today.