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Glass Filter Media 25kg


Chemical Type: Filter Media

Chemical Base: Glass

Size: 25KG

Grams Per 10,000 Litres:


  • 100% crushed recycled glass that hasn’t been in contact with any food or beverage grade materials or products.
    Bacteria cannot flourish or grow within our unique glass media
  • Non harmful to breathe – glass is not a carcinogenic product creating a safer environment for all.
  • Cuts chemical usage by up to 50% due to the self sterilisation nature of the glass and an oxidation process that takes place when water passes over the glass. Lowers consumption of chlorine and coagulants.
  • Outstanding performance with real cost benefits over the life of a filter.
  • Up to 25% less water to backwash – better permeability results in easier and less backwashing time.
  • 25% improvement in turbidity removal over sand media.

Glass Filter Media 25kg