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Our Services

Automation & Chlorination


Instead of manually adding chlorine a salt chlorination system automates the process. This means no lugging around of Chlorine granules or liquid, Adjustments can be made on the chlorine generator for the size of your pool and also the frequency of use. We can advise the system to suit your requirements-residential and or commercial.

Misconceptions of “Salt Pools”

Salt water pools are not as salty as you think. They have 1/10th the salinity of the ocean.

Plus, water treated by a saltwater chlorine system is noticeably softer and smoother to the touch than regular pool water.

Come talk to us for the best advice.

Lighting & Cover Automation

Oasis Pools only stocks the best equipment made across Australasia, So if you're looking to upgrade your lighting & cover.


We stock some of our most popular models here:

  • Covers

  • Rollers

  • Lighting


We can also specialize in having your oasis pool lifestyle as hassle-free as possible allowing you to look after your pool from anywhere with wifi capabilities.


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