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About Us

A retail store specializing sales of Swimming Pools, Spa Pools and Hot tubs including chemicals, cleaners, repairs and maintenance of all parts and equipment.

We can offer advice on construction and renovation of new and existing pools. We encourage you to come and see us or arrange a time for a free consultation. Oasis is a family business, A brother and sister team which includes owners Trish Warrington and Stan Warrington.

Stan Warrington - managing director - Oasis Pools (2016) Limited - previously known under Regency Pools Ltd which was established in 2002. Stan began his career in the pool industry in 1980 with one of the most renowned pool company in the industry,  from here he gained his skills and experience.

In 1984 he set up his own company as a subcontractor.  He continued to expand his knowledge and develop skills and experience in the construction of concrete swimming pools.

In 1986 he began building his own domestic swimming pools.  His years of experience in design and construction enabled him to offer practical advice to his clients, to achieve their visions and dreams. To this day he continues to bring peoples visions to life.

In a constantly changing industry, Stan with years of experience can integrate innovative ideas and technologies into his designs and constructions.  He can individually design concrete swimming pools and spas to provide you with an environment that suits your lifestyle, at an affordable price. He incorporates features that are customized to each client’s requirements, to enhance their property.

You will be guided through the pool building process working with architects, engineers, and landscape designer.

To this day, Stan’s passion still runs strong.  You will find him getting hands-on, with the building process while also leading his team of engineers.