Part of the Aqua Spa chlorine free range. Raises the total Alkalinity of water in spas and hot tubs 

The lack of buffering that occurs if the total alkalinity is too low will cause the pH to fluctuate significantly. Water low in alkalinity can also corrode equipment, etch some spa surfaces, and cause skin and eye irritation in bathers


- The total alkalinity of spa and hot tub water should always be maintained between 125 and 150 ppm.

- To raise total alkalinity by 10 ppm, add 18 grams of AQUASPA ALKALINITY ENHANCER per 1,000 litres

- Use a test kit to measure total alkalinity.

- Calculate the required amount of AQUASPA ALKALINITY ENHANCER, mix in a clean bucket with water and dispense evenly into spa or hot tub.

- Operate the filter for at least 1 hour following addition to ensure adequate distribution.

NOTE: If the pH has been 6.8 or lower for some time and corrosion of metal fixtures is apparent, seek technical advice before adding this product as metal staining may occur.

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Aqua Spa Alkalinitly Enhancer 500gm

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